SOULWORKˇˇJapanese spirits in tradition and new fashion
SOULWORKˇˇJapanese spirits in tradition and new fashion

I'm now starting my Home page, Masako Toukei, again after a long absence.
I've been charging my power little by little!
December, 2009

Modern Japanese hotel "Hoshinoya kyoto" Masako designed it.
June 1~ (July issue)

Masako Toukei is appearing in the top page of fashion Magazine "STORY" (Japan)
June 11 and 12 (Kyoto)
I announce the collection of the world's first special leather print.

I have presented (announced) the leather print from my collection, including bags, shoes, women's coat.
This leather print borrows the traditional technique of Yuzen , and at the same time it is the first production in the world.
You could feel a real and rich texture of animal skin.
Designs of the material is soon coming on my new home page.

For business retailers:
Welcome to any questions about the products on the page.
Please make an appointment beforehand.
Contact: kyoto075-351-3331(Yoshida)